Midland woman complains to Elections Canada about robocalls from Barrie-Innisfil candidate

Many people hate those annoying unsolicited phone calls with a machine at the other end.

But these calls were even more troubling for Tammy Stadt of Midland, when she kept on getting robocalls from the Conservative party asking her to support Barrie-Innisfil incumbent John Brassard.

Thats because Stadt doesn’t even live in Brassard’s riding.

“If a campaign cant call their own ridings constituents, how can they manage to their needs if they are re-elected? I can’t even vote for the guy if I wanted to,” she told Simcoe.com

Not that she ever would. Stadt has worked on Liberal campaigns in the past and has made calls looking for support herself. But those were live calls, and she made sure she didn’t call the same person twice, she said.

Stadt said she received six Brassard robocalls at her Midland home last week. When she reached out to Brassard’s campaign and asked for the calls to stop, they kept coming. Then she received a live call asking her to support Brassard.

“I live in Simcoe-North riding, not Barrie-Innisfil. The calls have come to my Midland, Ontario, home phone number,” she said. “I could understand if they came to my mobile number, which is a Barrie prefix.”

Stadt has made a complaint to Elections Canada and the CRTC about the robocalls.

Brassard’s campaign manager, Rob Dekker, said he has requested a third-party company that sends out the calls to stop calling Stadt’s home phone.

Dekker said he has only received two such complaints, including the one he received from Stadt.

“They should have removed the number by now,” he said. “It’s a third-party company, so I can’t say for sure.”

Stadt said the calls did stop over the long weekend, but she is still perplexed as to why she kept getting the calls to her Midland number in the first place.