Temporary health facility at Collingwood Legion to close

A temporary medical facility set up at the Collingwood Royal Canadian Legion to handle overflow from the hospital during the pandemic is being wound down.

The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital has operated the 18-bed Alternate Health Facility (AHF) in the legion’s Normandy Room since December 2020.

The facility was used for patients who required transitional care or an alternative destination of care whose acute care needs have been met, but required transfer to rehabilitation, long-term care, a retirement home or other post-acute care services.

According to a news release from the hospital, a review of the facility’s utilization has been undertaken, and effective Sept. 1, the hospital will not transfer patients to the AHF.

Any remaining patients will be transitioned back to the hospital by Sept. 10.

“As the economy continues with its reopening, the Collingwood Legion is looking to resume regular operations, and the hospital’s lease is expiring on Sept. 30,” the hospital stated in a news release.

“CGMH recognizes the impact of the pandemic on our team and resulting challenges with Health Human Resources,” said hospital president and chief executive officer Norah Holder.

“The opportunity to move valued team members back to the main site will provide some support in alleviating this issue. We look forward to their continuation as part of the CGMH team.”

She added: “Operating the AHF was a tremendous team effort and we would like to thank all team members that were involved.”