Barrie-Innisfil federal election candidates talk about COVID-19 recovery at CARP forum

CARP Barrie hosted a forum for the Barrie-Innisfil federal election candidates on Sept. 7 and asked questions about COVID-19, seniors, economic recovery and the environment. 

The forum was attended by Liberal candidate Lisa-Marie Wilson, Conservative candidate John Brassard and New Democratic Party candidate Aleesha Gostkowski. 

Here is what the candidates had to say: 

Aleesha Gostkowski, NDP

“The cost of COVID-19 recovery needs to be shared by the government, large corporations, banks and the super wealthy. In terms of a time frame, we must accomplish this as soon as possible; the cost of not doing so is too great. As of right now, we do very little to tax the ultra-wealthy or large corporations, but we tax the middle class harshly.

“If we begin to tax large corporations that use our resources for pennies on the dollar, at bare minimum we can pay for the changes that the middle-class Canadians need to recover from COVID-19.

“To put this into perspective, the parliamentary budget officer, Yves Giroux, crunched the numbers on the NDP’s original wealth-tax pitch last year, and he found that even a wealth tax on families with a net worth of over $20 million would rake in $5.6 billion annually.”

Lisa-Marie Wilson, Liberal

“As we finish the fight against COVID, we need a federal government that has a plan to grow the economy, create jobs and fight climate change. I believe that the Liberal plan is the best plan to keep us moving forward.

“We need a government that is willing to take the steps necessary to finish the fight against COVID-19. This includes hiring 7,500 new doctors and nurses and introducing mandatory vaccination for federally regulated workplaces and introducing national standards for long-term care.

“We’re moving forward with a plan that will continue to support Canadians and keep them safe.”

John Brassard, Conservative

“Conservatives will increase the health transfers to the provinces to the tune of $60 billion so that we can deal with not just the physical health, but also the mental health of Canadians going forward.

“It’s about securing our country both from a personal protective equipment, from a biopharma standpoint so that we never get caught in the situation that we were in with no vaccines, making sure that our food and agriculture and our energy sector, that we have those types of securities in our country, because the world is becoming increasingly polarized.

“Dependence will rely on Canada and our ability to produce not just PPE, but food and agri-stability, as well as energy stability and security. That’s what we need to move forward. We need to do it together.”

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The federal election takes place on Sept. 20. 

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