‘These outbreaks do come to an end’: Simcoe County forester gives LDD moth update

Severn Township Deputy Mayor Jane Dunlop was hoping for more help for residents fighting Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD) moth.

At a Sept. 14 committee of the whole meeting, Dunlop said provides little support for area landowners.

“You suggest we support our residents with burlap,” Dunlop said. “But that’s a pretty small suggestion.”

Dunlop has been scraping egg sacks off her trees and wondered if there was a company to help residents contain the pests for the 2022 season.

“If you’ve got a small lot with 10 spruce trees, (an aerial spray company) isn’t going to come in and do your place,” Dunlop said.

Simcoe County forester Graeme Davis did say some tree service companies will treat smaller residential locations.

He noted the LDD moth infestation began in 2019, and this year’s survey saw fewer egg masses.

“The overall trend is down — these outbreaks do come to an end,” Davis said. “By their very nature, this level of infestation cannot be supported indefinitely.”

The county isn’t going to spray its forests in 2022, and Davis wasn’t anticipating long-lasting impacts to overall forest health.

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*NOTE: In an ongoing effort to use inclusive language, the newspaper is transitioning away from use of “gypsy moth” and will be using “LDD moth” moving forward.