Five memorable quotes from Simcoe North’s federal election candidates

Simcoe North’s federal election candidates had an opportunity to weigh in on the issues of the day during a Sept. 2 forum hosted by the social justice committee at St. Paul’s Centre and organized by Orillia 4 Democracy, an ad hoc citizens group.

The five “major party” candidates were invited to participate in the forum, said group member Dennis Rizzo.

“The critical element is that the voters have a chance to see their candidates, since door-to-door canvassing and meetings are restricted,” he said.

The event was livestreamed by Rogers TV, which intends to replay it throughout the election, organizers said.

Here are a handful of memorable quotes from the evening.

Liberal Party candidate Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux

“Justin Trudeau’s name is not on the ballot here. Mine is, so I will be the one you’ll be voting for in this riding. And I think it’s important because we can represent your interests from the ground up, and I think that’s the way it normally is.”

Conservative Party candidate Adam Chambers

“I think people are tired of politicians who say they know all the answers — I sure don’t. I think that it’s important that an MP listens, is a good listener, and that is something I will bring to the table.”

New Democratic Party candidate Janet-Lynne Durnford

“New Democrats are different because we are working people. For our whole history, we have fought for better working conditions and standards that lift everyone up. I am not a politician, but I am someone who cares deeply for this community.”

Green Party candidate Krystal Brooks

“I’m tired of being ignored and silenced, and I believe that many voters are feeling the same way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: consider voting your voice for the voiceless.”

People’s Party candidate Stephen Makk

“Freedom is like a muscle — if you don’t exercise it, it withers away. Don’t be cowed by all the negativity and fear being blasted at you by the government, the media and all the petty authoritarians and worriers in your life.”

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