‘A hand to those struggling’: Barrie launches water/wastewater assistance program for low-income residents

Barrie is opening the tap to help those struggling to pay their water and wastewater bills.

The city has introduced a new financial assistance support program to help offset water and wastewater costs for low-income households. This allows successful applicants to be credited a portion of their bill.

“Council understands that with more people working, learning and caring for people at home, water bills have become a larger part of people’s monthly costs,” Mayor Jeff Lehman said. “Through this new support program for low-income households, the city can give a hand to those struggling with the cost of living.”

Program applicants must be permanent, full-time residents with a current residential water and wastewater billing account. The application must pertain to a principal residence and the applicant has to qualify as low-income based on the Canadian government’s 2020 cut-off.

The city currently has 44,978 active water and wastewater billing accounts — 42,454 are residential.

Supporting documentation will be required for proof of income, and applicants must reapply annually.

Residents can fill out an application form (available through city hall’s Service Barrie desk or downloadable ) and either email it to , or drop it off at, or mail it to, city hall (, P.O Box 400, postal code: L4M 4T5).

More details on the program can be found at .