3 things to consider to support Indigenous communities this election

Chippewas Of Rama First Nation Chief Ted Williams offers tips for voters to keep in mind at the ballot box.

1. To keep Indigenous issues at the forefront this election, Chippewas Of Rama First Nation Chief Ted Williams said voters should question if candidates have read the whole and what the parties’ plans are for reconciliation. With 94 calls to action, the report includes Aboriginal languages, culture, economics, policing system, education and more.

2. Voters should examine the political parties’ intentions for the . There was a national inquiry that compiled stories of trauma and survival, Williams said. “Are (candidates) even aware of the inquiry?” Voters should learn how the parties will act on the findings, he said.

3. Finally, voters should scrutinize what the parties will do to bring drinking water to reservations and how will they address climate change. “Everyone, regardless of where you are, deserves quality water,” Williams said. And the earth is experiencing a climate crisis, regardless of the season. “How are the candidates proposing to protect our land and resources?”